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MCS – Magnetic Code System

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General Information

The Magnetic Code System has been developed in co-operation with the Technical University of Vienna for highest security requirements. With 299 quadrillion combination possibilities it is specially suitable for complex master key systems.

How does it work?

The 8-fold magnetisation of the key is checked through magnetised rotors,
which are freely rotating and located on the left and right side of the key channel.
In addition the access authorisation is checked through a profile system and a special feature on the key.

Your Advantages

  • 3-fold security through magnetic and two mechanical codes
  • Permanent magnets made of samarium cobalt-5 providing long durability.
  • The magnetism cannot be changed or deleted by conventional methods.
  • Picking protection: the rotors can rotate freely and are separated from the key way by
  • a brass wall, which means that picking is impossible.
  • Drilling ang plug pulling protection offered by hard metal pins in both, the body and the plug.
  • Double check of the code within 360° turn.
  • Technical key protection
  • Legal key protection through patents: 64 patents worldwide since MCS has been introduced on into the market.
  • (e.g. European patent no. 182.976)
  • Modular system for flexible adaptation of cylinder lengths.
  • This ability to modify cylinders on site saves both, time and money

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