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Double Code System

DUAL – Double Code System

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DUAL  Modular System

Strong Technology

DUAL technology

DUAL (Double Coded System) is a sturdy reversible key system. Coding takes place via two separate features:

  • locking pin system
  • modular length profile.

During the locking action, the position of 12 spring-mounted locking pins is scanned using 2 locking sliders.


  • Reversible key
  • Robust key design
  • Optimum technical protection (copy protection), organisational protection (security card) and legal key protection (patents).
  • Modular design

Continuous development activities have lead to a simple and reliable system with double coding:

A locking pin system and a longitudinal profile both contribute to a high number of combinations (differs).

How does it work?

  • The coding of the DUAL key is achieved by 2 characteristic features which work independently from each other.
  • One locking pin system and one longitudinal profile complement one another and represent the integration of different advanced technologies within one system.
  • The locking process checks the positions of the 12 spring-loaded locking pins by 2 locking bars.

Your Advantages

Reversible key system: You can insert the key on both ways (like a car key)
Modular system for flexible adaptation of cylinder lengths.

This ability to modify cylinders on site saves both, time and money.

  • Drilling protection on request (steel inserts or stainless steel high security modules)
  • Technological (copy protection) key protection and legal (patents) key protection



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